Information on What to Wear for Winter Outdoor Activities and Fun: Snow Play, Sledding, Football Games, Etc.

Whether you are just enjoying the scenery, going for a hike or sledding down a hill, you will need to outfit yourself with the best winter clothing.   You need to be prepared for snow on the ground, low temperatures and possible cold wind.  I have found when it is really cold that a little bit of precipitation in the form of snow does not really affect my comfort.  Dry snow at cold temperatures can be brushed off of outer clothing.

The most important thing to do is to wear a hat.   Heat is lost very rapidly through the head.  What type of hat to consider depends on what activity you are doing, how long you will be in the cold and how cold it is.  Consider wearing a knit beanie or fleece ski hat that comes over the ears and fits fairly snug.   Skullcaps are another form of hat made from fleece or knit that is usually very tight to the skull fairly thin and snug.  Sometimes helmets for snowmobiling or motorcyling are worn over the scullcap.  {This type of hat is also called a skull cap or scullcap.}  For really cold temperatures or wind I have found Aviator hats or bombers hats (which are a type of beanie cap) that really help to keep the cold out.  They have ear flaps (sometimes double ear flaps), fastening around the chin with a strap.  These are made sometimes of wool, polyester weave that is wool like, canvas and nylon.  Usually they are quilted such that there is insulation of polyester batting between 2-layers of fabric and then quilted.  sometimes the hat has a visor or bill to help block bright sunlight reflecting off of the snow.  


The Best mittens are gloves will be made from polyester or wool knit,  insulated quilted fabric with polyester batting.  If there is wind, if you will be touching the snow such as making a snowman or the temperatures are really low then the insulated glove style would be best.  The best ski mittens or gloves are insulated with high quality polyester batting type insulation and have leather reinforced palms and fingers. 

OUTER WEAR (Jacket and Ski Pants or shell pants)   

Winter outfits are not complete without insulated powder pants and an insulted jacket.  This is especially important for snow apparel.  You really need to have snow proof pants made of a water resistant fabric such as polyester or nylon for sledding in snow or hiking in snow.  Leg gaiters of similar material are also helpful for fairly deep snow.

Winter weather clothing outfits consist of feet coverings (socks and boots) , gloves or mittens,  jacket and water resistant pants, headwear in the form of a hat or at least for the ears:  ear muffs, neckware such as scarves or neck gaiters for windy or extreme cold conditions.  You also need a warm shirt layer under the jacket and a base layer under the water resistant pants.  You may need additional layers such as thermal long underwear


You should wear a long sleeve shirt or sweater made of polyester for active fun or cotton or cotton blend for sedentary activities.  A long sleeve fleece crewneck top is a good choice.   If it is really cold also add a thermal underwear layer  or base layer tops.  These can be made from polyester, polypropylene, wool, wool blend or silk.  A silk base layer is fairly thin and is a good lightweight base layer choice for warmer weather hovering around 30 degrees or as a 2nd base layer in very cold temperatures or for extreme activities. Polypropylene base layer  is a good choice for backpacking because it is lightweight choice when you consider its thermal properties.  Polyester base layers are the best all round choice for many activities and temperature ranges.  For colder temperatures choose a mid-weight base layer top.  A Wool Base Layer will keep you warm even when wet.  So if it is raining or you expect that your base layer / long underwear could become wet then use wool.  Sometimes children will become wet during sledding and thermal wool underwear would be a good choice.  All of these fabrics are great for base layering. 

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